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3000 miles to what? Perhaps Freedom?  Freedom from decades of enslavement to the powerful producers of the fossil fuels that we depend on to power our vehicles?  Have you ever considered this prospect? We feel confident that many of you have. But you, like untold millions of other, have looked upon this situation, as a huge problem, lacking a viable solution. As a result, we pull up to the pumps and pay their ever escalating fare.


$4 a gallon… $5… $6… or perhaps more. It doesn’t matter. We’ll pay the piper and they know it. Why? What realistic alternative do we have?


Finally, there’s a viable alterative awaiting us on the horizon… Your 3000 miles to Freedom. Freedom from a lifetime of enslavement to Big Oil, as well as the engineers who have repeatedly failed us by their continued failure to provide viable alternatives that will no longer rely on fossil fuels.


The time for a revolution  is now. No guns or bombs. Merely a revolutionary vision regarding the future of ground transportation.


Imagine, if you will, embarking on a cross-country journey from Kitty Hawk, NC and culminating in Boise Idaho, some 3000 miles away. During this journey, you’ll travel in a sub-compact, electrically powered sedan with your family. To arrive at this juncture, your imagination hasn’t been  taxed. In fact, I suspect many of you have already envisioned just such a scenario. But, on a single charge? Once highly unlikely, but no longer an unattainable goal.


Assuming an average driving range of between 100 and 150 miles per recharge, the journey shouldn’t require more than 25-32 stops to fully recharge your onboard batteries prior to driving off for the next leg of your journey. Assuming a best-case scenario of about 2 hours per recharge, that at least double what should have been no more than a fifty-hour journey, in the first place.


Making matters worse, high-speed recharge stations don’t exist in most regions of the United States, so your recharge times will likely be closer to eight hours, upping the ante to about 200 to 260 additional hours just for battery maintenance. This certainly doesn’t portray what most people would consider a pleasant journey. But, you’ll eventually arrive at your final destination. Will congratulations be in order?... Not even close.


Now, it’s time to really allow your imagination to soar. Fully open up your senses and imagine making this very same journey without the necessity of a single stop to recharge your batteries or the necessity to fill your tank up, in order to power a backup internal combustion powered generator system. Sound better? It certainly should. No need to further stress your imagination in order to expand the possibilities, because we will make  3000 miles to Freedom, a reality.


Mako Automotive Innovations has developed an onboard Electric Vehicle Extended Range Technology that will turn just such an extraordinary fantasy into a real world experience. Further, our technology is not a hybrid, reliant upon internal combustion powered generators to maintain your battery charge levels. What we propose can truly provide you with the elusive 3000 miles to  freedom that we all seek.


Perhaps even more significant, you don’t have to cram your family into a sub-compact automobile. Mako Automotive Innovation’s Electric Vehicle Extended Range Technology can be ported to maintain battery power levels in any electrically powered vehicle, regardless of size or weight class. From sub-compacts to SUVs, or even cross country tractor-trailer rigs, buses or motor coaches; all of these vehicle classes can be easily adapted to take full advantage of a seemingly boundless supply of electrical power provided by our Electric Vehicle Extended Range Technology .


Regardless of your stance on the numerous ideologies regarding global warming and a potential link to the burning of fossil fuels, I would venture a guess that you, or in fact, the majority of free-thinking individuals would not deem a continued reliance upon fossil fuels to be a positive path from an ecological, economic or political standpoint. Certainly not when a viable alternative reality exists and is easily within our grasp.


Despite the above stated realities, individuals throughout the civilized world have remained seemingly enslaved by their continued reliance upon fossil fuels in order to power vehicles for more than a century. Alternatives to fossil fuels have come and gone, but for the most part have been abandoned in favor of maintaining  a dependence upon the proven reliability, availability and convenience provided us by fossil fuels.


During the past decade or so hydrogen has shown a certain degree of promise, as have numerous variations of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. By far, hybrid and plug-in electrics have shown the greatest promise. Unfortunately, despite their perceived promise, electric vehicles have failed to show significant strides in overcoming their age-old shortcoming: driving range between recharges. With few exceptions, modern electrically powered vehicles have a range between recharges of between 75 to 150 miles, or in many instances, far less. This isn’t a major obstacle for many commuters, but presents a significant hurdle for those individuals who either need or desire to travel beyond a 150-mile limitation.


To address the mileage constraints inherent to modern electric powered vehicles, Mako Automotive Innovations developed an onboard Electric Vehicle Extended Range Technology,  that can be unobtrusively incorporated into almost any electric vehicle. The technology was developed to provide vehicle manufacturers with the capability of extending the effective driving  range of virtually any electrically powered vehicle, to such a degree, as to render them as truly viable alternatives to their internal combustion powered counterparts.  And… Absolutely Zero Fossil Fuel or Hydrogen is  unnecessarily consumed in the process.


Adoption of our technology will alleviate the pollutants that internal combustion engines continually spew into our atmosphere. Additionally,  it will make tremendous strides toward reducing our overall dependence upon foreign oil and the often unstable countries from which we obtain them.

In light of the many adverse factors surrounding our dependence upon fossil fuels, now is the time to move forward and Mako Automotive Innovations is poised to forge the way. Our ultimate challenge: Turn your 3000 miles to freedom into a realityperhaps beyond.

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